Agricultural & Environmental Law

As growth pushes inward, the pressure on rural businesses to perform, while meeting regulatory compliance, has never been more difficult. We find in many instances that the laws that are in place have yet to catch up to either the technology available, or the economic realities of doing business in such context. These complexities are further compound by the numerous overlapping agencies that assert discretion over various crops and land uses. Our firm handles a variety of environmental, agricultural law areas including:

  • Zoning and Permitting
  • Mitigation Banking & Wetlands issues
  • Storm-water Retention
  • Greenbelt and Agricultural Exemption
  • Fertilizer and Pesticide Litigation
  • Livestock issues / Equestrian Liability 
  • Silviculture, Forestry, and Nursery Plant Issues

Florida Right to Farm Act

Under Fla. Stat. 823.14, there are protections for reasonable agricultural activities conducted on farmland from nuisance suits. A farm that was not a nuisance when it was established is not subject to public or private nuisance suits after one year of operation. 

Florida Community Forest Law

Under Fla. Stat. 591.15, there are mechanisms for communities to acquire, develop, and manage forests or lands suitable for forest development. Encourages communities to develop areas in local forests for recreation and education.

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