Real Estate Law

Douglas Law Firm has a diverse multi-disciplined approach to real estate law with both transactions & litigation. We handle a wide variety of residential and commercial real estate concerns, including purchase and sale agreements, easements, quiet title actions, commercial escrow agreements, hunting partnership agreements, real estate conveyances, land use restrictions, boundary disputes, slander of title, adverse possessions and more. Boundary disputes are an unfortunate occurrence that happen quite often in residential neighborhoods. In short, neighboring property owners disagree over where the property line that separates them should be drawn. Our law firm can help with the following real estate related areas:

  • Eminent Domain
  • Land Use & Zoning
  • Drafting, Negotiation and Enforcement of Various Real Property Contracts and Agreements
  • Title Searches & Insurance
  • Residential, Retail, Agricultural, and Industrial Closings
  • Acquisition, Development and Disposition of Real Property
  • Mortgage Finance, Foreclosures, Workouts & Asset Repositioning
  • Real Property Litigation
  • Commercial & Residential Landlord Tenant Disputes 

Douglas Law Firm offers dispute resolution, counseling and assistance in the negotiation process of resolving boundary disputes. Through the assistance of registered surveyors, you will be able to clearly designate the boundaries between you and your neighbors. Often an easement or restrictive covenant can eliminate any additional concerns or discrepancies.

Property damage and nuisance litigation are common areas that may require the assistance of counsel. If you have a wind storm or flood policy, these matters often result in several demands before litigation. If you're dealing with sink holes, hurricane damage, or other damage, call us to discuss your options. 

Our attorneys provide a comprehensive approach that allows our clients to negotiate, purchase, develop, and use real property to its highest potential, while simultaneously securing legal advice concerning all real estate litigation issues and personal objectives.

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