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Being charged with a crime is a serious situation that can come with significantCriminal defense attorney in palatka consequences for you and your family, whether it is a misdemeanor driving offense or a felony assault case. A conviction may bring steep money penalties and time behind bars. Furthermore, a charge that is later dismissed can damage a person’s credibility among family, friends, employers, and neighbors. It is vital to fight these charges head-on, with an experienced Palatka criminal defense attorney in your corner.

The criminal defense team at Douglas Law Firm is committed to the highest ethical standards when defending their clients against some of the most serious accusations. The St. Augustine and Palatka Criminal Defense attorneys represent individuals in courts throughout northeast Florida. Every Palatka criminal defense attorney on our team has the experience and knowledge to defend individuals charged with Drug Crimes, DUI & Driving Offenses, Theft & Property Crimes, Juvenile Delinquency, and White Collar Crime matters. We also have successfully defended those given citations and fines with boating or sailing, BUI. We've represented numerous individuals in DMV hearings and negotiated hardship licenses.

We have the knowledge to aid in the representation and defense of business entities and individuals who are accused of both criminal and civil enforcement matters related to Government Fraud, Healthcare Fraud, Identity Theft/Credit Card Fraud, Money Laundering, Mortgage Fraud, Public Corruption, and Tax Fraud. We also represent clients involved in grand jury investigations. Our legal practice covers all aspects of the defense of crimes and associated appeals, and we are prepared to zealously defend our clients in these cases.

Common Criminal Cases Explained by a Palatka Criminal Defense Lawyer

Every Palatka criminal defense lawyer at Douglas Law Firm is committed to helping our neighbors in a wide range of criminal cases. We have significant experience defending clients in the following matters:

  • DUI and Driving Offenses: A person whose blood alcohol content is 0.08 percent or higher is generally considered intoxicated under state law. The punishment for a DUI conviction in Florida may include fines, loss of driving privileges, and even jail time.
  • Drug Crimes: The manufacturing, distribution, or possession of unlawful substances are offenses that law enforcement officers and prosecutors take seriously in Florida. They can lead the federal charges in the event that the drugs have crossed state lines.
  • Theft and Property Crimes: Theft, robbery, and burglary are some of the most common property crimes. Punishments vary based on the circumstances and the value of the property involved.
  • White-Collar Offenses: These kinds of offenses typically involve some sort of deceit or misrepresentation, including embezzlement and various types of fraud.
  • Juvenile Delinquency: Juvenile offenses can have lasting consequences for everyone involved.

Our lawyers have decades of combined experience in these and other criminal matters and a strong track record of successful results. A Palatka criminal defense attorney can help you fight these cases aggressively.


Attorney Spotlight: Jacob McCrea

Before joining Douglas Law Firm, Jacob was a partner in the North Florida Lawyers firm. While a partner, he handled a variety of case types.

He continued to heavily practice in the area of criminal law where he handled cases from first-degree murder to Driving Under the Influence (DUI). He also practiced civil law. He has handled small-claim cases, homeowner association disputes, guardianship matters, and much more.

View Jacob McCrea's Complete Profile




How a Palatka Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You Fight Your Case

The good news for anyone charged with a crime in the Sunshine State is that Florida and federal laws offer a number of potential defenses. The earlier you fight those charges - in some cases even before you have been charged - the better your possible defense outcome. A Palatka criminal defense attorney at Douglas Law Firm can help you understand your rights and explore your options.

First, it is important to understand that the burden of proof is on the prosecutors in all criminal cases. They have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the specific criminal offense with which you have been charged. Showing that you may have - or even that it is more likely than not that you did commit the crime, it is not enough for a conviction.

Limits on when cops can stop and question a person, pull over a car, enter a home, and search various spaces without a warrant also offer some of the most important defenses in everything from DUI to drug and gun cases.

If a police officer wants to stop you on the street or pull you over on a highway, the officer needs to have a “reasonable suspicion” that you are committing a crime. The officer also needs a reasonable suspicion to believe that you are carrying a weapon if he or she wants to frisk you. An officer needs to have “probable cause” — a higher legal standard — in order to search your car or your home without a warrant. 

When police officers don’t play by these and other rules, any evidence they obtain is likely to be excluded from the case against you. These kinds of evidence issues can make or break a case.

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