What If I Cannot Pay My Florida Court-Ordered Child Support?

December 29, 2020 | Category: Articles, Divorce and Family Law

Once a Florida court orders one parent to pay child support and that parent fails to pay, then that parent is subjected to penalties, seized property/assets, and jail time.  In the event that the non-custodial parent can no longer afford the amount ordered for child support, the best approach would be to file a child support modification request as opposed to not paying at all.  In the meantime, paying something is almost always better than paying nothing at all.  It shows good faith to the courts to pay what you can afford at the time and it can help you avoid legal problems if you were to pay no child support over a several-month time span.

Failure to Pay Child Support in Florida Can Result In:


-Suspended driver's license

-Withholding money from paychecks received

-Placed liens on vehicles, real or other personal property

-Seized tax refunds

-Seized bank accounts

-Report failure to pay to credit agencies

-Court ordered to pay court fees and attorney fees for the opposing parent

-Held in contempt of court

-Jail time for up to 12 months

What You Should Do If You Cannot Pay Your Child Support

In circumstances where you find yourself facing financial hardship or in a situation where you have lost your job it may be impossible to make child support payments. In this circumstance, it is extremely important for you to file a motion to modify your child support order.  

Modifying child support in Florida, judges will only take into consideration changes that have happened since the last (or standing) order was issued. For example, if you encountered an increase or decrease in income, child support may be modified.

Please understand that even a decrease in income does not automatically mean that your support payments will decrease. This is why it is recommended to discuss all of the facts in your case with an attorney BEFORE filing for a child support modification.  To develop a successful plan to lower your child support payments, a family law attorney could counsel you on state laws and gather facts needed to support your case.

Our child support attorneys will fight for you and provide peace of mind throughout the process. Call us today for a consultation at 800-705-5457!

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