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The loss of a loved one is an emotionally trying and stressful experience for everyone involved. Often making a difficult time more complicated is the transfer and distribution of assets after a loved one’s passing. The Putnam County and Palatka probate attorneys at Douglas Law Firm can help navigate the legal process for resolving estate issues after a family member or loved one’s death. We understand the pain and stress that can come with losing a loved one and seek to make the legal process as easy as possible for our clients. 

How Florida Probate Works

Probate is the legal process used to distribute a person’s assets after death. The court-supervised process is used when the decedent has executed a will, and in situations when a person dies without a will.

In cases in which the person executed a will before passing away, a court will review the document for legal sufficiency and generally distribute the assets in accordance with the will’s instructions. A judge can also hear any challenges to the will and ensure that creditors are paid before the assets are distributed.

To start the process, a personal representative for the person who died files a probate petition in court. The personal representative may be identified in the will or appointed by the court.

In situations in which the estate is worth more than $75,000, the personal representative is required to notify all interested parties of the petition, including family members and others identified in the will, as well as any known creditors. The personal representative must also gather and inventory the assets and ensure that creditors are paid.

Florida law gives creditors as much as two years to file claims seeking payment from an estate, but that waiting period can often be shortened to 90 days. Although courts typically look to close estates within 12 months, the time it takes to complete the probate process often depends on the specific facts of the situation, which includes the complexity of the assets involved, whether there are any disputes with creditors and whether the validity of the will is challenged.

We Help Clients Throught Putnam County and More

At Douglas Law Firm our Putnam County and Palatka probate attorneys have significant experience with the most difficult issues our clients face in probate. A few of the tough problems we handle include disputes over the validity of a will, excessive or unnecessary claims against the estate, complicated real estate title issues, and the intricate and challenging application of  Florida law to the descent of homestead property. Every single probate has its own questions and issues that require expert management. Douglas Law Firm is dedicated to getting the heirs through this process as efficiently and compassionately as possible.

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