Equitable Distribution

Dividing assets during a divorce is not an easy task.  Rarely do both sides agree on how to equitably divide property and assets that were gathered during the course of a marriage. 

Many people do not realize that most everything that accrues during their marriage, regardless of whose name may be on the title, or who is responsible for the obtaining the asset, is presumed to be a marital asset and subject to “equitable” distribution in Florida.  Of course, like most things, there are exceptions, such as inheritances, but even these can be subject to claims of comingling or gifting, which could turn those inherited assets into marital assets.

Either way, “equitable” does not always mean equal, and there are many factors a court can consider in deciding how to separate your marital estate, including your personal belongings, vehicles, retirement and even your home and business.

The Douglas Law Firm divorce and family attorneys in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and Palatka can help.  You can rely on our experience to guide you through these sometimes complicated issues and get you on the path to financial and personal freedom. 

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